Percolate’s Transition Brand[with Dom and Sofia]  
Edits by Edit Poster Series[with Manual, Duane, Tom, Samuel, David, Trevor, Bas, Mark, Hey … ]
Albers in Command [with Ace Hotel, Albers Foundation, Alexander, Courtney, Emil, Keith, Use All Five]
A Modern Comfort[with Use All Five, Mindy, Kind Co, Small Stuff, Anthony]
U&LC (issue 1, 1974) Reprint [with Alexander]
The Powerful Now[with Jarin, SYPartners]
MikMak 2.0 [with MikMak]
App by Edit[with David, Filip]
Wallpaper* x Le Meridien[with Wallpaper*, Le MeridienKay, Ben] [with Crystal, Dante, Jeanette]
Gradient iOS [with Alexander]
OgilvyRed  Site [with Jess, Carla]
Gradient Desktop [with Orta]
Dwell Design Source [with Crystal, Matt]
RJDJ x Fabrice Lig [with Robert, Florian, Michael, Fabrice]
MoMA [with Co: CollectiveMoMA]
Confidential [with The Science Project]
Confidential  [with Doubleday & Cartwright]
New INC Demo Day [with Red Bull Studios, Julia, Karen]
Typesetting CSS [with St Bride Library, Reading Typography Program]
Arts & Science Salons [with Jake, Jacob]
Confidential [with Tomorrow Lab]
Confidential [with PWC, Philosophie]
Humanities Can't Be Computed

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